Red Panda adventures was conceived back in 2011 when a group of motorcyclists met during a road trip to the Himalayas in North India. The common ground that was established among them aimed at a new premium adventure motorcycle tours in India that would blur the line between organisers and attendees.


Ever since it was established, Red Panda has conducted several tours throughout the Indian subcontinent. Having ridden in many countries on many motorcycles and with many tour operators, the founders at Red  Panda claims that they understand the basics and the essentials along with the expectations of riders from across the world.

Adding to this, their aim is to provide ‘a world-class experience while ensuring all our clients experience the true marvels and the terrain of India’. Putting down all swords of competition, Red Panda believes that other motorcycle adventures touring companies are nothing more than companions to them.

Apart from the tours that are enlisted in their packages, travel heads can also prepare a custom ride with any destination that they have in mind. Additionally, if one wishes to extend their trip, Red Panda states that it will assist with local air travel and extensions of trips. Travellers can also opt for rented gear that will be provided by Red Panda. Additionally, all the motorcycles that occupy the fleet of Red Panda are insured with comprehensive covers above AED 517.

The North and North East India are known for its scenic beauty and challenging terrains, just what a traveller on a motorcycle looks for. Most of these terrains are made easier with the crew at Red Panda that guides you with the safest and most beautiful routes.


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