With a month to go before Zero Motorcycles officially launches its new SR/F, reports citing inside leaks have now given insight about the upcoming moniker.

We learn that the new Zero SR/F will have close to 20kWh of a battery pack that we expect to give close to 193km of range, while the electric motor will churn out roughly 120hp of peak performance. Apart from this, the Zero SR/F iteration will have an updated dash, cornering ABS and better components.

Earlier this month, Zero teased a short video announcing the launch date of the bike. In the video’s description, the company has said that “more than a new model, SR/F is an entirely new platform. The SR/F provides an effortlessly powerful experience in the naked street bike category.”

Evident from its name, we might not see the company deviate too far from the SR/F platform and a few Photoshop edits on a screen grab of the teaser might give a hint about some details that are brewing in Santa Cruz.

As such, we can see that Zero Motorcycle is bringing another naked bike model to the fray (a point confirmed in the YouTube description). The headlight looks to be redesigned, with four LED lamps and an LED daylight running light around its perimeter.

We can see a tall handlebar protruding from the machine along with green fairing and red racing stripes which to our eye, looks like the making of a sportier model from Zero, with a promising new design aesthetic. Apart from that, word on the street suggests that there could be a fully faired offering from Zero which makes us wonder if the SR/F platform will fuel the machine when it arrives.

Last year, the company announced a brief outline of its models. In an industry-leading move, Zero Motorcycles has also announced a “Long-Term Storage Mode”. In this mode, the Zero bikes automatically put themselves into the low-power mode to optimize battery usage and prolong battery health in the long run.

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