Sena, the global motorcycle helmet communications giant has released its own range of Bluetooth-integrated helmets, christened Momentum. An unrivalled audio experience and the safety of a full-face lid rolled in one, the Sena Momentum helmets are groundbreaking new products.

What a time to be alive. Motorcycle manufacturers around the world are coming up with retro-inspired modern machines, classic rock is still very much in demand, and the digital age is opening up new possibilities every day.

Amongst the companies making the most of the digital wave is Bluetooth technology front-liner Sena. The company has been a leading maker of Bluetooth-integrated technology in the motorcycle industry for years with a specific focus on communications.

Sena already has a diverse range of helmet-mounted Bluetooth headsets in its repertoire. Aside from enabling riders to communicate effectively while riding motorbikes, Sena’s products are improved continually. They have now reached a point where you get a suitable product from the firm no matter what style of helmet you choose.

However just because you have a kickass product that is the first name out of anyone’s mouth when shopping for a helmet comms device, does not mean you should rest on your laurels. Sena realises this and has taken the next step, nay, a big leap in terms of its offerings. Say hello to Sena Momentum, incorporating Bluetooth right out of the box.

Sena Momentum comes in five different configurations. The common thread linking (no pun intended) all these helmets is Bluetooth 4.1. You get four-way intercom and a staggering 27 hours of talktime in the base Momentum Lite. Moving up a notch to the Momentum Pro offering what the Lite has, plus eight-way intercom, audio multitasking and voice command. Talktime is pegged at 20 hours.

All Sena Momentum lids feature controls aft and to the left of the visor, melded seamlessly into the design.

The middle-level Momentum is our pick of the lot with its integrated 2K action camera with Wi-Fi connectivity. This makes it so much easier to share your adventure on the go without having to suffer through the laborious task of accessing stored data, transferring a ton of files, and finally uploading them wherever you choose.

Sena isn’t done yet. The Sena Momentum INC is the kind of helmet that would make a tech-freak motorcyclist go weak in the knees. Armed with HD speakers and microphone, this lid features Intelligent Noise Control. The name sounds pretty much like other firms marketing bland stuff with word-heavy tags. However, what it does is extraordinary and, in our opinion, should be standardized on all helmets.

Intelligent Noise Control filters out low-frequency wind noise automatically, letting you hear more of what’s going on around you. There’s more. With Ambient Mode, you can quickly converse with a person close by without removing your helmet. Eight-way group intercom and stereo music are also on offer.

Our Lord the Sena Momentum INC Pro, armed with a 2K action camera, eight-way intercom, intelligent noise control, and what have you. About the only thing it does not have is a drop-down sun visor, but I am just nitpicking here.

Last, but definitely not the least, the Sena Momentum INC Pro will have riders lining up, kidney in hand, to get their hands on one of these. It has all the features of the Momentum INC plus Wi-Fi and a 2K action camera on top to record what your eyes see on a ride.

What about the actual helmets, then? They any good? For starters, all Momentum series helmets are DOT certified. Two intake and one exhaust vents take care of getting stale air, plus some choice expletives, out of the lid. The strap is a double D-Ring number, and the visor is pinlock-ready. You can also choose between a clear or a smoked visor. For all intents and purposes, it’s like a regular lid, really. Except it connects you to the entire world with Sena’s RideConnected app. If you have a Wi-Fi Momentum, you can talk to any rider in the world who’s paired to the app. Nifty, no?

The possibilities with Sena Momentum are limitless. I will actually leave you to figure them out because I am busy rushing to the nearest store to get myself one of these babies. You would still argue that I could stay and tell you more, and buy one online. But I have to go, because try it before you buy it…

Images Credit: MotoFire

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