Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, KTM, with subsidiaries Husqvarna and GasGas, will suspend production for two weeks from 30th March to 10th April. The move comes amid rising concerns around the Coronavirus pandemic.

Parent company Pierer Mobility AG says in an announcement the measure has been prompted by a possible supply chain interruption from industries in Italy where the pandemic has hit rather severely. However, it doesn’t seem like the supply of bikes to dealers will be affected. The announcement states: “The availability of all models is guaranteed for the upcoming start of the season in the worldwide dealer network.”

The Mattighofen HQ of KTM will remain closed for two weeks beginning 30th March.

While this news raises some concerns, the bigger cause for worry is other manufacturers following suit and shutting shop for a few weeks. KTM is in a position to absorb idle production days without letting disrupt its supply chain. Smaller firms or those with limited production facilities might not be as capable when it comes to maintaining production and supply of its products.

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