American electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has announced its 2019 model lineup. The company has given its dual sport models more updates compared to others.

Let’s begin with the entry-level bikes. The 2019 Zero S ZF7.2 and DS ZF7.2 now boast of an impressive 42 percent power boost. The DS is also 43kg lighter than its longer-range version, which means it now has a promising power-to-weight-ratio.


2019 Zero SR

The 2019 Zero DSR gets a dual sport windscreen, tank grips, a pair of hand guards as well as a 12-volt accessory socket. The DSR Black Edition is set up for touring and as such gets integrated luggage and bits and pieces from the adventure-touring gear catalogue. Of course, all of the above is in addition to the DSR’s updates.

It’s not just motorcycles that are new for 2019. Zero has also launched a 6kW Charge Tank as an accessory. The Charge Tank can be retrofitted in dealerships to the S, SR, and DSR motorcycles going back up to 2015 model year. Specify the Charge Tank with your new Zero or fit it on your old one, and you will be blessed with a much faster charging rate. In fact, Zero claims the bike can recharge up to six times faster when used with Level 2 charging stations compared to a standard wall outlet. The increased charging makes the bikes good for up to 136km of range in an hour.


2019 Zero DSR


2019 Zero DS

In an industry-leading move, Zero Motorcycles has also announced a “Long Term Storage Mode”. In this mode, the Zero bikes automatically put themselves into the low-power mode to optimize battery usage and prolong battery health in the long run.

Finally, all models get new colours, revised styling, and new graphics for 2019 model year. The Zero FX and FXS can be ordered in either ‘Dune’ or ‘Rhino Grey’. The Zero S and SR now come in ‘Black Metallic’ and ‘Jet Black’. Lastly, the Zero DS and DSR get ‘Sandstone’ and ‘Caldera Metallic’ paint schemes.


2019 Zero FX


2019 Zero FXS

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