BMW R18 Is Bavaria’s Latest Jaw-Dropping Boxer

The BMW R18 has been a long time coming. To think of a modern cruiser with a boxer engine that harks back to the sixties and seventies Beemer-boxers has us salivating constantly. Well, BMW intends to have us do that even more. Just look at the new R18 to understand what I’m on about!

BMW has been carefully leaking images and progress of development online since quite a few months. It all leads to this: the 2021 BMW R18. Triumph Bobber now has a lot to worry about, and so do the Indian FTR and Harley-Davidson Fat Bob.

BMW R18 Dubai UAE

Just look at those beefy exhausts!

Straight off the assembly line, the handsome R18 is proof that the Germans can teach the Americans a thing or two about cruisers. And it is period correct too: just look at that single seat. This is social distancing done right. And you need to look good while you are distancing yourself from other, lesser humans. Which is where chrome trims come in.

Like a true-blue cruiser the 2021 BMW R18 tips the scales at 345kg, generating 91hp to move its heft. Again like a cruiser, it uses a massive engine to generate oodles of torque. 1,802cc which puts down 158Nm of twist to get the massive motorcycle going.

The most significant bit about the 1.8-litre opposed-twin is that it gives you all its torque output at just 3,000 RPM. And all the 91 horses can be yours at 4750 RPM. Impressive for a beast of the R18’s size.

BMW R18 Dubai UAE

Heritage and modernity in a single frame. The family ties are clear and apparent.

BMW is offering the R18 in two trims, which includes Black Storm Metallic for the base trim, while the R18 First Edition brings beautiful double white striping to the and extra chrome garnish to the table.

Adhering to the cruiser culture, you can select your preference from a wide range of accessories the Motorrad factory offers you. Passenger seat kit, machined mirrors, speedo housing, fuel filler cap, and so on. Luggage, wheels, and exhaust options are also available to personalise your R18.

I wish I could say one of those R18s was mine. But today is not the day. Also, I’d rather be blasting down the open road astride a Super Duke GT. But I can assure you, my eyes will gravitate to the rearview mirror to ogle at the R18 I just overtook in heat, that apparition of chrome trundling along at an easy pace down the freeway. There’s just something about cruisers….

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