We at Arabian Riders gracefully bid goodbye to the year 2018 and thanked all the motorcycles that made it wonderful. While we do realise that it’s close to a month late for such a piece, here are a few monikers that you need to watch out for the year 2019.

Moto Guzzi V85 TT

After being showcased as a concept at the 2017 Intermot, Moto Guzzi finally pushed the V85 Tutto Terreno to production as a 2019 bike. The adventure bike stood at the 2018 INTRERMOT with a nameplate that glorified air-cooled engines again.

It boasts a 21-litre fuel tank that is good for around 400km on a full tank. One must not be deceived by its retro style as there’s still lots of tech under the hood. It comes with traction control and ABS, both of which can be tweaked with three riding modes including Road, Rain or Off-Road.

Moto Guzzi has graced the model with a full-colour TFT dash that supports Bluetooth multimedia system. It is based on the same platform as the V9 but has an entirely new engine. The new 853-cc 90-degree V-Twin engine is capable of 80hp and 80Nm of torque. The engine boasts a new crankshaft mated to new, stiffer controds and shorter piston skirts resulting in a 30 per cent drop in rotating mass.

Harley Davidson Livewire

Harley Davidson’s foray into the electric segment has gained momentum in the motorcycling landscape. Earlier this month, the Bar and Shield company dropped more details on the bike and announced a starting price of $29,799.

The upcoming bike is expected to feature an LTE-equipped media centre along with traction control and ABS that are assisted by an internal measurement unit (IMU). The electric torque on the bike is claimed to push it to a ton in about 3.5 seconds with an urban mile range of 177km. While the figures might not be as handsome as our expectations, it is a reasonable first time effort from the American bikemaker and should be adequate for a typical cruiser.

The permanent magnet electric motor on the bike is said to be capable of producing 100 per cent of its rated torque instantly. The Livewire will be built on a lightweight cast aluminium frame that is extremely rigid. Additionally, the front and rear high-performance SHOWA suspensions are fully adjustable. While we are not clear about the powertrain of the motorcycle, a few other new-age techs include a 4.3-inch full-colour touchscreen display that can be customised with information like music, navigation and alert information.

Triumph Rocket

The original Rocket III was discontinued in 2017. Recently, Triumph has revived the brawny roadster and boosted its engine size as well as output. And it looks like the Triumph Factory Customs has taken hold of one of these and dialled it up to eleven. Say hello to the TFC Rocket.

While Triumph says it is a concept, a test mule of the same bike was spotted testing recently by MCN, confirming speculations about its imminent launch. Triumph will make a full announcement about the model on the 1st of May.

Featuring premium surfaces everywhere and a modular single/dual seat, the TFC Rocket is powered by a 2.5-litre inline triple that pumps out 180hp and 230Nm. To say that the specs are impressive is an understatement, for they are downright ridiculous.

Honda CBR600R

For the 2019 model year, we bid farewell to the Honda CBR650F. To earn the ‘R’ badge, the CBR650 has gone through a host of changes include more aggressive styling and a bevvy of features. The new Honda CBR1000RR faithfully inherits design cues from its elder sibling, CBR1000RR.

The most notable tweak in the CBR650R would be the revised engine that now puts out more torque and now goes 1,000rpm higher into rev range. This translates into a higher peak power figure of 94hp, up from 86hp.

KTM 790 Duke

The ‘Scalpel’ as KTM calls it, is one of the most anticipated bikes of this year. Over time, KTM has been popularised by its ability to create insane machines that keep the fun on the boil for the rider. And the new 790 Duke is no less.

The new Duke will carry the manufacturer’s first ever parallel-twin powerplant that churns out a roaring 105hp and 87Nm of torque. This combined with an advanced ride-by-wire system guarantees instant power on the throttle.

The bike comes with four modes including Sport, Street, Rain and Track. This gives the rider the ability to dial down the traction control, smooth out the throttle and turn off the anti-wheelie for rear wheels.

If there are any more bikes that you thought should make it to the list. Let us know in the comments below
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