2024 Honda CRF1100l Africa twin is here | All updates and details.

The 2024 Africa twin adventure sports now gets a 19inch front wheel for better ride on tarmac.

Introducing the Enhanced 2024 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Lineup

Updated 2024 Africa Twin Line-up

Prepare for an evolution in the iconic Africa Twin series from Honda. The 2024 lineup showcases a refined focus on performance, technology, and distinct specialized features tailored for varied riding preferences, aiming to captivate the discerning riders of Dubai.

2024 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Range

Distinct Model Specialization:

The new 2024 lineup emphasizes individualized experiences with the Adventure Sports edition now tailored for a more road-centric adventure, while the standard Africa Twin maintains its unwavering commitment to off-road excellence.

Shared Enhancements Across Both Models:

Both models retain the reliable 1084cc parallel twin engine, yet for 2024, the CRF1100L range exhibits notable performance improvements in power and torque across lower and mid rev ranges. With a 7% boost in maximum torque (now at 82.6 ft-lbs delivered at 5,500rpm), coupled with enhancements in compression ratio, valve timing, intake ports, and ECU settings, these refinements amplify each engine stroke’s performance.

Honda’s engineering finesse extends to the exhaust system, contributing to increased performance with a newly designed muffler delivering a harmonious pulse note at lower RPMs and a robust bass tone as revs escalate.

Automatic transmission remains a popular choice in the Africa Twin range, offering both manual and Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) options. The 2024 DCT system has undergone refinement, aligning seamlessly with the engine’s enhanced performance, enabling earlier downshifting, improved cornering detection, and a smoother initial take-off experience.

Additionally, both models feature redesigned front fairings, enhancing upper body wind deflection and optimizing aerodynamics for an unparalleled riding experience.



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CRF1100L Africa Twin Updated for 2024:

Crd1100L Africa Twin, the more offroad focused variant of the duo features a 21inch front wheel.

The standard CRF1100L Africa Twin receives a substantial update in its chassis, now offering the option of Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (Showa EERA). This system, previously exclusive to the Adventure Sports, provides tailored suspension settings accessible through a 6.5-inch touchscreen display. Offering five modes for diverse riding conditions, including SOFT, MID, HARD, OFF-ROAD, and USER, this adaptive system ensures optimal damping adjustments at the rider’s fingertips.

Embracing 21”/18” wheels with tubeless Metzeler Karoo Street tires as standard, the CRF1100L Africa Twin ensures swift puncture repairs without removing a wheel. For off-road enthusiasts, Michelin Anakee Wild tires are also approved for use.

Moreover, improved comfort awaits with the redesigned front fairing and a larger, five-way adjustable screen, offering superior forward visibility or heightened wind protection as per the rider’s preference.

CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports Updates:

The 2024 Africa twin adventure sports now gets a 19inch front wheel for better ride on tarmac.

The 2024 Adventure Sports edition, while sharing the frame and engine of its off-road counterpart, leans towards a more street-oriented experience. Notable updates include a switch to a 19” front wheel and wider tires (110/80-19), enhancing front tire grip and feedback for improved on-road stability, especially under heavy loads.

Suspension travel has been reduced to 8.3”/7.9” (210/200mm), complementing the handling dynamics of the new wheel and tire setup, thereby enhancing maneuverability and lowering the center of gravity.

The seat has been reengineered with revised cushion thickness and a lower setting at 835/855mm, while a low seat option further reduces seat height to 795/815mm, catering to varied rider preferences on the Honda Africa Twin.

Standard inclusion of Showa EERA ensures adaptable damping adjustments, allowing for tailored suspension responses to varying speeds and specific riding scenarios, such as preparing for landing or minimizing dive during braking.

Colors and Availability:

The CRF1100L Africa Twin will be available in Grand Prix Red and Matt Ballistic Black Metallic, while the CRF1100 Africa Twin with Showa EERA adds the exclusive Pearl Glare White with Blue Metallic Tricolor. The Adventure Sports variant will be offered in Matt Ballistic Black Metallic and Pearl Glare White Tricolor.

Get ready to embrace unparalleled adventure with the enhanced 2024 Africa Twin range, arriving soon in select colors at authorized Honda dealerships in Dubai.

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