Harley Davidson’s first electric iteration is set to hit the showrooms by later this year and recently the Bar and Shield brand dropped a few details on what we can expect from the machine.

For starters, the bike will be priced at $29,799 which is a princely-sum for an electric motorcycle with its capabilities but not an unreasonable figure for a moniker in the brand’s line-up. In addition to the electrified drivetrain, the engineers at Milwaukee have packed the bike with plenty of cutting edge features.

The upcoming bike is expected to feature an LTE-equipped media centre along with traction control and ABS that are assisted by an internal measurement unit. (IMU). “We’re at a historic juncture in the evolution of mobility, and Harley-Davidson is at the forefront,” said Matt Levatich, Harley-Davidson’s President and CEO.

“Innovation that moves the body and soul has always been at the heart of our brand, and this next chapter in our history is about creating products and opportunities for existing and aspiring riders of all ages and walks of life” he added.

For the electrified motorcycle Harley Davidson is quoting potential triple digit speeds in 3.5-seconds along with an urban riding range of 177kms. While the figures might not be as handsome as our expectations, it is a reasonable first time effort from the American bikemaker and should be adequate for a typical cruiser.

“Our vision for the future is all-encompassing,” continued Levatich. “For all ages, from urban professional to exurban retiree, and from commute-minded to thrill-seeking, we are creating the products and opportunities for existing and aspiring riders to feel the transformative power of the two-wheeled riding experience,” said Levatich.

“These two concepts are further statements towards that our commitment to lead in the electric mobility space that begins this fall with the production 2020 LiveWire.”

The bike will be available for pre-order in the USA while other global markets might have to wait a bit longer for its availability. We are not yet clear about its entry into the UAE markets as of now.

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