Ducati SuperQuadro Mono, The most powerful single cylinder engine in the World.

Short stroke, 10,250 rpm redline, 77.5hp, with an extreme bore-to-stroke ratio of 1.86 something you don’t usually expect from a single cylinder motor, manic right? This is Ducati’s recipe of madness. Ducati has unveiled their latest powerhouse: The all new 659cc short-stroke single-cylinder engine with Desmodromic distribution The Ducati Superqaudro mono, setting the bar for high-performance road experience in single-cylinder category. Ducati claims it is the most powerful single cylinder engine in the world.

Unleashing power and precision, born from the 1,285cc SuperQuadro of the twin-cylinder 1299 Panigale, this Ducati single cylinder, the Superquadro Mono, world’s most powerful single cylinder engine, encapsulates Ducati’s racing lineage within a singular cylinder. Embracing the Superquadro’s racing DNA and the dynamic desmodromic system, it achieves unparalleled revs and delivers exhilarating bursts of acceleration.

With a limiter set at 10,250 rpm, it stands alone as the sole single-cylinder engine to reach such soaring speeds. Leading the pack in its class, its power peaks at an impressive 77.5hp at 9,750 rpm, surging to 85hp with the racing exhaust. Setting a new standard, performance is ground-breaking, while maintenance intervals set the bar high: oil changes every 14,000 kilometres and valve clearance checks every 30,000 kilometres .

To maintain stability at these elevated engine speeds, the incorporation of two balance shafts effectively mitigates vibrations. Notably, the engine boasts an array of intriguing elements, such as multiple magnesium components including the alternator, clutch, and head covers. This Ducati SuperQuadro Mono consists of a 116 mm diameter race piston. Furthermore, the substantial 46.8mm intake valves are crafted from titanium. Despite the abundance of lightweight materials integrated into the engine Ducati has not yet quoted the engine weight. Ducati says, the new Ducati Hypermotard 698 will be powered by this engine, generating a power of 77.5hp.

Ultimately, the Superquadro Mono serves as a poignant reminder of our enduring love for the art of internal combustion. In an era dominated by electrification, the dedication to crafting new, high-revving, naturally aspirated engines has diminished among automakers. However, the realm of motorcycles remains distinct, showcasing the sheer brilliance, allure, and thrill that a pure internal combustion engine, pushed to its zenith, can offer.

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