We all like leather, but how often do we escape the fear of damaging it and take actually justify its purpose? The tempting onesies and the enthralling jackets do come at a cost but knowing how to keep them in mint condition is the most crucial aspects of owning one.

Tackling Sweat

In a climate such as UAE’s sweat is the enemy. While leather gear sports enthralling looks, you cannot stop perspiration. Consistently exposing your leather to sweat leaves plenty of salt behind that can ruin the liner and stitching. Meanwhile, the leather takes a hit too. Hence spraying the inners of your gear with de-salting products can do the magic.

Colour Fading

If there’s anything that worries a rider about his leather gear is its colour. Over time one might notice that the colour fades away. Funnily, nine times out of ten, it’s just dust, smog or grime that has covered the jacket (although this will help with fading). This is where you can use a leather shampoo and scrub it into the leather. Once the shampoo has done its work and you have got it clean, wipe the surface using a clean dry cloth and follow up with a conditioner.

Hardware Maintenance

Riders often prefer using wax to keep their zippers in ‘mint condition’. On the contrary, all that wax does is gunk up. Instead of such stagnating elements, it would be wise to use liquid silicon in the zipper. This will grease the zipper a little bit and they should stay in good shape.

Quality Of Leather

Being have come across various leather brands we very well know the difference between a good quality leather and otherwise. It makes a huge difference in the alteration process as it affects how pliable the leather is. This also extends to its durability where better quality leather lasts longer before suffering from tears and peels.

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