Triumph Reveals All-New Factory Custom Rocket

Triumph now operates a TFC scheme for its models. The Triumph Factory Custom bikes are essentially souped-up versions of the company’s production motorcycles. Triumph showcase two TFC bikes recently, a Thruxton and the new Rocket.

The original Rocket III was discontinued in 2017. Recently, Triumph has revived the brawny roadster and boosted its engine size as well as output. And it looks like TFC has taken hold of one of these and dialled it up to eleven. Say hello to the TFC Rocket.

While Triumph says it is a concept, a test mule of the same bike was spotted testing recently by MCN, confirming speculations about its imminent launch. Triumph will make a full announcement about the model on the 1st of May.

Check out the latest Triumph Rocket Specifications in the UAE.

Triumph UAE

Triumph is currently testing a Rocket mule, confirming its imminent launch.

Featuring premium surfaces everywhere and a modular single/dual seat, the TFC Rocket is powered by a 2.5-litre inline triple that pumps out 180hp and 230Nm. To say that the specs are impressive is an understatement, for they are downright ridiculous.

The frame is all-new, and so is the three-into-one-into-three exhaust setup. Triumph has routed two pipes on the right side of the engine, while a single pipe pokes out the left. Quite a peculiar yet interesting design detail, but it sure grabs your attention.

The single-sided swingarm and shaft drive are also things that add to this bike’s appeal. Triumph showcased the TFC Thruxton as well as the Rocket, but its clearly the latter that grabs the eyeballs with its classy paint scheme and bold proportions. I mean, just look at that fat piece of rubber sticking out the end. A massive tyre like that has an equally huge job: to transfer all that torque to the ground without letting the bike take off.

To think Triumph would design a bike from scratch just for a custom build does not make economic sense. We are definitely looking at the return of the gargantuan Rocket, complete with that massive 2.5-litre triple. What a time to be alive.

Images: MCN

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