Hero unveiled the new Xpulse 200 4v Pro in Dubai | Price, Variants, Mileage

2023 Hero Xpulse 200 4v Pro Dubai

Hero Xpulse 200 4V Pro

Hero MotoCorp proudly presents the latest iteration of its adventure-tourer motorcycle, the Xpulse 200 4V, finely crafted to resonate with the dynamic motorcycling scene in Dubai. Offering two exceptional variants – the base model and the Pro edition – each equipped with a host of enhancements tailored to meet the needs of Dubai’s passionate riders. Today we will focus more on the Pro variant, meticulously designed to capture the essence of Dubai’s thriving motorcycling community, boasting premium components and a distinctive design inspired by the coveted Xpulse 200 4V Rally edition previously available in the Indian market.

What’s more on Pro?

The Pro variant of the Xpulse 200 4V has been engineered to elevate the riding experience in Dubai, featuring premium components such as fully adjustable front and rear suspension systems with increased travel compared to the standard model, an elevated seat, enhanced ground clearance, a handlebar riser, an extended gear lever, and an elongated side stand, perfectly suited for Dubai’s diverse terrains and riding preferences.

Embracing a unique aesthetic, the Pro version presents an exclusive paint option adorned with Rally Edition Graphics. While preserving the iconic design of the standard model, the Pro variant exudes an unmistakable charm with its round headlight, rally-style windshield, beak-style front fender, enclosed knuckle guards, and an updated luggage rack, appealing to the discerning taste of Dubai’s riders.

New Headlight and DRLs

Technical Specifications

Similar to its standard counterpart, the Pro variant is equipped with a Class-D LED projector headlamp featuring LED DRLs, delivering an impressive 230% increased brightness over the previous version.

Off-Road mode switches of front single channel ABS

Moreover, this motorcycle offers a real-time fuel economy indicator and a three-level ABS system designed for Road, Off-road, and Rally conditions. It also retains the Bluetooth-enabled LCD screen for turn-by-turn navigation, catering to the tech-savvy motorcyclists in Dubai.





Tall Rally suspensions

Suspension and Ergonomics

Hero MotoCorp has meticulously adjusted the rider’s triangle by repositioning the foot pegs, lowering them by 35mm and moving them 8mm rearward compared to the previous model. This fine-tuning aims to provide enhanced control during standing riding positions, minimize wrist strain, and ensure superior comfort for riders navigating Dubai’s bustling streets and varied terrains. The Pro model features rally suspension setup with 250mm compression and rebound adjustment front forks and 220mm 10step Preload adjustable rear monoshock.

200cc Oil-cooled Single cylinder

Engine specifications

Mechanically, the Xpulse 200 4V Pro variant houses the same 200cc, single-cylinder, oil-cooled, four-valve engine, now compliant with OBD-2 and E20 fuel standards. Despite unchanged power figures of 18.8bhp at 8,000rpm and a peak torque of 17.35Nm at 6,500rpm, the engine delivers optimal performance tailored to meet the demands of Dubai’s motorcycling enthusiasts.

Price in Dubai

The Pro variant stands at a price of around 7000 dirhams, presenting itself as an exceptional choice for riders seeking a blend of premium performance and distinctive design elements that perfectly complement Dubai’s spirited motorcycle culture.

Notably, in the past, riders seeking enhanced capabilities had to purchase a separate rally kit for the Xpulse 200 4V, including taller suspensions and various additional components. However, with the introduction of the Pro variant, Hero MotoCorp has revolutionized the experience by integrating the sought-after rally kit directly into this edition. This means that riders in Dubai now have the privilege of accessing the performance-boosting features, including taller and fully adjustable front and rear suspension setups, a taller seat, increased ground clearance, a handlebar riser, an extended gear lever, and an elongated side stand, all pre-installed and fine-tuned to perfection in the Pro variant. Yet, it’s essential to note that while the Pro variant includes these enhancements, it does not come equipped with Maxxis motocross knobby tires, which were part of the rally kit. Nevertheless, despite this exclusion, the Pro variant guarantees an elevated riding experience, catering to the needs of Dubai’s passionate motorcyclists without the inconvenience of purchasing and installing additional components separately.

The Xpulse 200 4V Pro emerges as a promising choice for Dubai riders, offering integrated enhancements for an upgraded experience. Stay tuned for our detailed ride review – a compelling reason to consider this exceptional motorcycle.

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