Royal Enfield showcased a very unusual concept motorcycle at EICMA this year. The Concept KX is an 838cc V-Twin Bobber with a period vibe.

Indian motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield took the motorcycling world by surprise at the ongoing Milan motorcycle expo. The firm had on proud display the Concept KX, a bobber-style motorcycle with unmistakable attitude, powered by an 838cc V-Twin motor.

Following the successful world premiere of the Interceptor and Continental GT 650, Royal Enfield garnered a lot of praise for the design of the two motorcycles. Both the bikes use an all-new parallel-twin engine which is the first new motor in a decade from the company. Riding the wave of its newfound design and engineering capability, the company showcased the Concept KX. It looks like the kind of motorcycle Royal Enfield would have built in the 1930s. Royal-Enfield-Concept-KX-EICMA-2018-Dubai-UAE

The cast girder forks, uniquely designed single-sided swingarm, and the massive twin pipes give it a commanding presence. Add to that the equally massive 838cc (going by what it says on the engine cover) V-Twin which is the centrepiece of the design, the tapering tank, and the floating seat, and you have got a proper retro bobber on your hands.

Take a closer look, and you will start seeing how seamlessly Royal Enfield has blended the modern and the retro on the Concept KX. Lighting is all-LED, the engine is liquid-cooled (as it reads on the engine inscription), and dual Brembo brakes up front handle anchoring duties. There is a monoshock fitted discreetly beneath the seemingly floating seat, concealed neatly in the frame. Royal-Enfield-Concept-KX-EICMA-2018-Dubai-UAE

The thin wheels, chopped fenders, and Maxxis flat track race tyres are intriguing, to say the least. The entire design comes together to give off an aura of an old machine given a new lease of life for the modern times. This is probably how Royal Enfield hopes the world should view the Concept KX. The company’s point of view aside, we think the motorcycle looks pretty sweet.

Royal Enfield has not yet given out any details regarding the concept such as when, if at all, it will see production. If it does get the green light, it is safe to say the Concept KX could lose out on the single-sided swingarm, the girders, and perhaps even the concealed monoshock. If these bits make it to the final version, we stand to witness a truly radical motorcycle. one that looks like a customised machine rather than a factory product.

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