Hero Mavrick 440 vs Harley-Davidson X440 | Sibling Rivalry

Harley-Davidson X440Hero Mavrick 440Harley-Davidson X440Hero Mavrick 440Harley-Davidson X440Hero Mavrick X440Harley-Davidson X440Hero Mavrick 440440cc Single cylinder engine, designed by Hero is shared between both motorcycles

2024 Hero Mavrick 440 vs Harley-Davidson X440 | Sibling Rivalry 

Similar yet different

The highly anticipated unveiling of the Hero Mavrick 440 marks a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between Hero MotoCorp and Harley-Davidson, culminating in the emergence of their respective interpretations of the new 440 platform. While rooted in the same foundation, the Hero Mavrick 440 and the Harley-Davidson X440 embody distinct characteristics that set them apart in the fiercely competitive motorcycle market.




Seat design

In terms of design ethos, the Hero Mavrick 440 exudes a captivating aura of dynamism and agility, epitomized by its sleek, roadster-inspired silhouette. Boasting a muscular stance and meticulously crafted contours, the Mavrick 440 captivates onlookers with its striking round LED headlight, robust fuel tank adorned with seamlessly integrated extensions, and a slender rear end that accentuates its sporty allure, setting new benchmarks in the segment.

Conversely, the Harley-Davidson X440 inherits the iconic design language synonymous with the illustrious Harley brand, drawing inspiration from its illustrious predecessors such as the Nightster and the V-Rod. While exuding a commanding presence, characterized by its imposing tank, side panels, and rear fender, some enthusiasts lament the execution of its tail section. Nevertheless, the X440 commands attention with its larger front wheel and distinctive fuel tank shape, embodying the essence of Harley’s legendary heritage.




Headlight design

Tail light design

Underpinning both motorcycles is a shared frame, albeit diverging in their suspension configurations. The Harley X440 boasts premium suspension components, including a USD fork and twin shock absorbers at the rear, offering unparalleled comfort and control. Conversely, the Hero Mavrick 440 opts for a right-side-up telescopic fork and twin shocks at the rear, prioritizing simplicity and affordability.

Furthermore, the wheel sizes on both bikes reflect their intended applications, with the Mavrick 440 sporting 17-inch wheels on both ends to enhance its roadster dynamics, while the X440 features an 18-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel akin to classic cruisers, further accentuating its commanding presence and stability.





Fuel tank design

In terms of technological prowess, both motorcycles boast a plethora of cutting-edge features, including all-LED lights, dual-channel ABS, and Bluetooth connectivity-enabled instrument clusters. However, the Harley X440 gains an edge with its modern color TFT display, offering enhanced clarity and functionality compared to the simpler LCD unit found on the Hero Mavrick 440.



440cc Single cylinder engine, designed by Hero is shared between both motorcycles

Powering both machines is a shared air and oil-cooled engine, delivering identical peak power output of 27bhp at 6,000rpm. However, nuances emerge in torque delivery, with the Harley’s engine generating 38Nm at 4,000rpm, while the Mavrick’s engine produces 36Nm at the same rpm, subtly shaping their respective performance characteristics and riding experiences.


What we think?

In essence, while sharing a common lineage, the Hero Mavrick 440 and the Harley-Davidson X440 embody distinct interpretations of the 440 platform, offering enthusiasts a diverse array of choices tailored to their individual preferences and riding styles.

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